Transition Designer


High Quality Wipe Effect
Fast and Easy - GPU Accelerated Rendering

High Quality Wipe Effect
Fast and Easy - GPU Accelerated Rendering

The Wiper is used by many broadcasters and tv-stations worldwide. More than 140 presets included.

High Level Transitions

The Wiper gives you endless possibilities to customize your wipe effect to your individual needs.

This works very easy by just creating black and white Photoshop files that can be used for the transition. Many transitions that formerly had to be done in After Effects are now available in Premiere Pro CC.

Designed for professionals

GPU Accelerated

Due to our highly efficient GPU rendering, all effects are rendered in real-time. We fully use the advantages of Adobes Mercury Playback Engine.

Created by a postproduction company

A professional user mostly needs a hard cut or a dissolve transition. But there sometimes you also want a wipe effect, maybe combined with glow and blur for your video footage or for text and graphic inserts. With our wipe effect you can create all this and even more: use photoshop masks to create you own, unique wipe effects.

Fully customizable

The Wiper is not just only a great wipe effect, we believe it's the only wipe effect you'll ever need. You can combine wipe with blur, glow and feather the edges as well as create unique transitions by using photoshop masks.

Easy user interface

As a professional user, your don't want to spend a lot of time learning new tools: Our plug-in is perfectly integrated in Premiere Pro.

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Applied Examples

Blur Glow

Feathered Edge Blur Glow

Feathered Edge Glow Blur Feather Only

feathered Edge Blur Feather Only

Feathered Edge Glow Feather Only

Directional Glow and Blur

Directional Glow and Blur Feathered Edge

Directional Glow and Blur Applied on Feathered Edge Only

Wiper vs Transition Designer



Transition Designer Version

Cross Dissolve
From Position (With Feather)
Dark Areas First
Bright Areas First
Dip to Color, Image or Layer
Wipe (Options: Angle/Feather)
Push (Options: Direction/Feather)
Rumble (Options: Strength, Rebounce and Bounces)
Additional Effects
High Quality Presets
Real-Time GPU Rendering
Presets With Photoshop(.psd) Files
Complex Effects
Use Sequence Layers For Transitions
Use Photoshop(.psd) Files For Transitions
Create Seamless Transitions As They Are Used In Top TV-Series Such as "White Collar", "Sherlock" Or "Suits"
Adjust And Animate Masks With Keyframes
Save Individual, Unique Effects Incl. PSD Files
High Individualization Of Transitions