Transition Designer Free

Hi TD-User,

We are thrilled get more and more fans happy users of our product ‘Transition Designer Free’. Thank you for that!

An excellent working product needs perfect support. Unfortunately, the support effort for ‘Transition Designer Free’ is very high due to so many users and numerous update modifications of Adobe Premiere Pro.

This means a lot of costs for our company. In consequence, we have decided with a heavy heart, that the ‘Transition Designer Free’ version of our product ‘Transition Designer’ will no longer exist.

Here is our solution for you: the ‘Transition Designer Free’ will be replaced by new ‘Wiper’ with a lot of more functions.

  • The 'Wiper' has the same scope of functionality and some new more.
  • Additionally, the 'Wiper' gives you endless possibilities to customize your wipe effect to your individual needs. This works very easy by just creating black and white Photoshop files that can be used for the transition.
  • We also improved the engine a lot, that rendering with PSD files is really quick now.

As a special gift for all loyal free-user: You get the 'Wiper' for 29$ instead of 49$ for one month (till December 22th).

More Information: Wiper

We appreciate your understanding and wish you fantastic post-productions!

See you soon and have much fun with our products,